Things I Want (or Need) to Know

Why is leap-year day in February?  I know February is the shortest month of the year, but who wants more February?  I say we change leap-year day to the end of June.  Who’s with me?

My TV has a light that glows bright red when the TV is off.  My cable box has a light on it that goes off when the cable box is off.  Why does every electronic device seem to have a light on it these days?  And, can’t we have some consistency?  On when the device is off or off when the device is off, but pick one.  Shouldn’t they all work the same way?

Marine Gen. David Berger, the Marine Corps commandant, has banned all Confederate flags, bumper stickers, and other Confederate mementos from all Marine Corps bases.  Fine, but it makes me wonder when the US military will start renaming all the military bases named after Confederate generals.

When did time immemorial start?

Recently, I was talking about old cars (I like them) with a husband and wife I know.  The woman told me her father once owned a white, 1955 C-300 Chrysler.  It’s a rare car sometimes described as America’s first muscle car.   She told me when her father sold it, the new owner painted it red, which annoyed her dad who insisted the cars were available only in white or black.  I said they were also available in red.  She insisted and I didn’t argue.  But I did look it up.  Even though her dad owned one, I was right.  Now, the question is why do I remember what colors a 65-year-old C-300 Chrysler was available in, but I don’t know anything that would make me a lot of money?

Author: Tom

I know by ABC's, I can write my name, and I can count to 100.