Things I Know

Did you miss me?  I’ve been busy with a few other things.  My wife and I have each had some minor health problems.  Plus, I’ve been consumed by reddit.  People who have problems encounter advice from the most passive-aggressive people on earth there.  I admire that.

With respect to health problems, I had to have an MRI.  They’re uncomfortable, but it beats slicing me open to see what’s in there.  If you’ve had one, you know they’re noisy and a lot of places that administer them will play music for you and let you select what kind.  The tech asked me, and I said for all that commotion, I like the most relaxing music I can think of:  Gregorian Chant.  He asked me if that was the name of a band.

Isn’t there another debate tonight for Democratic presidential candidates?  I’m sorry, but I just can’t.  Maybe when they weed it down to two or three I’ll pay attention, but not now.

I’ve been running into a lot of people recently with whom I share idiosyncrasies.  I told you about the Buick-taillight guy.  Since then, I found out my eye doctor likes awful puns too.  Aren’t the very best puns really bad?  And I’m not the only person who uses spreadsheets to come up with odd anniversaries.  You can add and subtract numbers and dates in an Excel spreadsheet.  I told my buddy Steve about that last week, and he knew without thinking about it that 10,000 days is between 27 and 27.5 years.  It’s a good thing I’m the only person I know who has all my idiosyncrasies.  Frankly, I don’t think I could stand anyone else who did.

My wife, Saint Karen (who must be a saint to put up with me) had cataract surgery.  She’s said it was relatively easy and she’s recovering remarkably well.  The biggest problem she’s having is forcing herself to sleep on her back.  I told her that if it were me, I’d milk it for a lot more sympathy than she has.

Sirius XM satellite radio recently changed a policy.  Now, if you subscribe in your car, you can also listen on your phone or on your computer without paying an additional fee.  I like the service.  I’ve had it in a couple of rental cars and a free trial came with one of my cars.  I just don’t spend enough time in the car to pay full price for it.  I signed up at a reduced rate for a year, and with the additional access points, it’s more valuable to me than it was before.  I may even renew when the reduced rate is up.  And, yes, I do know you can get them to cut the price again when you go to renew.

The Press Club of Long Island, the Freeport Historical Society, and the village administration will teamed up this summer to dedicate an historical marker at the site of radio station WGBB’s transmitter.  The Press Club is involved because GBB was the first station on Long Island to broadcast news.  I didn’t know that, and I used to work there.  Stands to reason.  After all, when WGBB went on the air in 1924, it was the only commercial station on Long Island.

I think Thule AFB is enough of Greenland.  We don’t really need to buy the rest.  Plus, I understand it isn’t for sale.  Plus, I don’t think the people who live there now would be happy to go without some of the socialistic benefits they enjoy now for being a part of Denmark, including free health care.