Things I Know

President Trump’s recent attacks on Attorney General Sessions suggest he may be trying to bully Sessions to get the Attorney General to fire Robert Mueller, former FBI director, and recently appointed special prosecutor.  Mueller is charged with looking into possible Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, and any collusion that may or may not have occurred between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.  Firing Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox didn’t work well for President Nixon.  Just Google “Saturday Night Massacre.”  Attorney General Richardson and Deputy Attorney Ruckelshaus both resigned over Nixon’s order to fire Cox.  It didn’t work too well for Robert Bork either.  He actually fired Cox, but was later denied confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Let’s not overlook the positive aspect of OJ’s parole. Once he’s out, his tireless search for the real killer can resume.

A Honda dealer on Long Island, Babylon Honda, is advertising on TV its “exclusive” vehicle exchange program.  According to, one meaning of the word exclusive is, “Shutting out all others from a part or share.”  To me, that means Babylon Honda is the only car dealer in the world that is both willing to sell you a new car, and willing to accept your old car as a trade in.  Either that, or only a select few dealers do.  I doubt both.

Lake Montauk at the eastern end of Long Island’s south fork isn’t a lake.  It’s a harbor that opens to Block Island Sound.  But it’s called that because it was a fresh-water lake until about 90 years ago when a developer blasted a channel to turn it into a salt-water port.  I’m sure that if the EPA had existed back then, a permit would not have been issued.  Still, on a sunny summer afternoon, there’s almost nothing I like better than sitting on the deck of Gosman’s Restaurant at that harbor, enjoying lunch and watching the boats going in and out.  The restaurant is good.  Its location is stellar!

My wife was supposed to retire Friday, so I was invited to her office where a small party including coffee and cake were planned to mark the occasion.  She put off her retirement for another few weeks, but she still got cake.  It just wasn’t her cake.  After she changed the date of her retirement, another worker in her office decided to retire Friday instead.

Things I Know

In solidarity with all the dogs in my neighborhood, I’m planning to spend tonight hiding under the bed, thankful that except for licensed professional displays, all forms of fireworks are illegal where I live.  Just imagine how noisy the evening of the Fourth of July would be if anyone could buy firecrackers.

I’ve read on a couple of internet forums that certain Nissan Frontier trucks have a known problem.  They have a transmission cooler inside the radiator.  As the trucks age, some of those coolers leak, allowing engine coolant into the transmission.  That requires an expensive transmission rebuild.  Concerned, I checked my aging truck.  It has an external transmission cooler.  That means a leaking cooler won’t brick my transmission, and I don’t have to add an external cooler, because my truck already has one.  Money saved!