Musk v. Putin

Elon Musk has challenged Russian despot Vladimir Putin to “single combat” over Ukraine.  Single combat, not even a battle to the pain, let alone one to the death.  Musk, in case you don’t know is the founder and CEO of Tesla, the electric car company.  He also founded the aerospace company Space X.   Musk and Putin are each reputed to be the world’s wealthiest individual.

Far back in history, national leaders used battles of champions to determine the outcome of wars.  You’ve heard of David and Goliath, haven’t you?

Musk is almost 20-years younger than Putin, but have you looked at either of them?  Which one seems to be in better physical condition?  And, considering Putin’s experience in the KGB, which one do you think is more likely to know how to kill someone with his bare hands?

If Musk won, I suppose the prize would be Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine.  If Putin won, what would he get from Musk?  Musk didn’t specify, but it seems to me the answer to that question is bubkes.

What diplomatic channel did Musk use to issue this challenge?  Twitter, of course.   Is Musk serious?  His challenge did get his name in the news again, didn’t it?

It’s Time

Daylight saving time which started at 2:00 AM Sunday, every place in the USA except Arizona, lasts about 7.5 months. Standard time lasts about 4.5 months. So, clearly, we should rename daylight saving time as standard time, and find a different name for the other 4.5 months.

If you want to be pedantic, and I frequently do, you’re right.  In Arizona, the Navajo nation does observe daylight saving time, even though the rest of the state doesn’t.  I do know that, but I don’t know why.

And, please, stop saying we gain an hour of daylight.  We do not!  Daylight saving time is a ruse to fool you into getting up an hour earlier in the morning when it’s in effect.

Things I Want (or Need) to Know

March 1 is the anniversary of the day we closed on this house. In the decades since we bought it, we’ve replaced the roof, the siding, all the windows, exterior and interior doors, furnace, water heater, oil tank, lined the chimney, rewired extensively, remodeled the kitchen and both bathrooms, planted a big oak tree, added two large closets, replaced the front walk, the front steps, the porch, the back steps, the curb the fence and the garage. We’re signing up to replace the driveway this week. So, the question is, since we obviously didn’t like this house 31 years ago, why didn’t we buy someplace else?