Old Cars

'60 Edsel Ranger L

I really like old cars.  I have since they were new.  So, on Thursday, I saddled up and went to the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction at Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut.  Even attending the auction without registering as a bidder is fairly expensive, especially considering what it costs to attend a local cars and coffee or show and shine event.  They’re usually free.  But you’ll hardly ever see a wider selection of cars.  I went to one of their auctions in Scottsdale AZ years ago.  This is the first one they held at Mohegan Sun. Uncasville, CT is a lot closer to where I live than Scottsdale AZ.

The auction staff and the casino staff were cheerful and helpful.  If I could offer two suggestions for improvement, the first would be more signs.  My son has a superior sense of direction.  When he was four years old, he could tell you how to drive to his grandparents’ house—eight states away.  I think he would have gotten lost inside the casino while trying to find the cars before they went on the auction block.  My second suggestion would be to find a different place to exhibit a large portion of the cars instead of using one of the casino’s parking garages.  That place was too dark to really display the cars well. 

You don’t think of Ford as building extremely rare cars.  But a 1960 Edsel convertible is extremely rare.  Ford built only 76 of them and around 3,000 total 1960 Edsels in any body style.  Before closing down the failed brand, Ford only built 1960 Edsels for about five weeks.  This isn’t an Edsel convertible, though.  It’s a Ford that was changed into an Edsel later in life, or what collectors call a clone.  

I’m a casual fan, not an expert, but it fooled me.  When you go to a Barrett-Jackson auction and look at the cars before the bidding starts, most of them have a detail card attached to the passenger side of the windshield.  This car didn’t have such a card when I saw it on Thursday.  It was properly described in the catalogue and on line.  I haven’t checked whether it crossed the auction block yet, but I’m sure that when it does, or if it has, it was also properly described too.

Still, until I looked it up more than 24 hours after I took this picture, I was pretty excited to think I had seen an actual, real-life unicorn.

Things I Know

There are a little over 6,600 commercial, FM radio stations in the United States.  Tonight, between 10 PM and midnight, I’m going to be on one of them.  Which one is up to you to figure out.

In California this week, two judges were reelected and the fact that they were makes you question democracy.  One was the judge in Santa Clara who recently sentenced a rapist and star athlete at Stanford to six months in jail.  The other, in Orange County, was reelected despite having admitted to having sex in the office with an intern and with an attorney who had cases before his court.  I call both of these events electile dysfunction.

A man in England, Richard Huckle, has been sentenced to 22 life sentences for raping children in Malaysia.  I’m okay with that.  The article I read said he’ll have to serve a minimum of 25 years in jail.  25 years for 22 life sentences?  I’m not sure which, but if one of those is right, I have to think the other is wrong.

My Daughter has a good idea.  Have you ever watched the TLC TV show “Cake Boss?”  They have several shops in the New York area.  One of them is a few miles from our house.  My daughter wants to go in there and find out if they can make her a cake that looks like a cake.

These days, my wife usually hits the hay around 10:00 PM.  I usually go to bed around 1:00 AM.  When we started dating as teens, she would let me hang out at her house, sometimes until 1:00 or 2:00 AM.  It just occurred to me that she married me so she could get some sleep.

I’m not necessarily claiming credit here, but the most recent TV spot for Burger King’s nuggets does tell you what in them.

66 SS 4 Sale 2

I’m trying to convince my wife, Saint Karen, that I’m a saint too because I didn’t bring this car home from a local cruise night.  It’s for sale and it’s a ’66 Chevy Impala SS with a 396 cubic inch engine.  Not buying it, though, didn’t take as much willpower as she thinks:  it’s an automatic.

When I was a Freshman in college, her parents allowed my then 16-year-old girlfriend to travel 250 miles to visit me for a weekend.  I was surprised all those years ago, but astonished recently when I learned they did not let her go on her high school senior trip a year later.  Her parents really liked and trusted me.

I keep a few packets of duck sauce, soy sauce, ketchup, and mustard around the house.  You know, the ones you get with your take-out food orders.  But I never keep extra Arby’s Sauce around.  If I ask for five please give me five, but if I ask for one and you give me five, four of them are going in the garbage. 


Somebody at New York’s DMV Needs to Think

On the 19th of May, I went on line to renew the license plates on my truck.  They expired on May 31.  It’s great that you can renew on line.  They tell you it can take ten days to get the new registration, Amazon can deliver in two, but at least they allow you to download a ten-day, temporary registration in case you don’t get the renewal on time.  Both of these are good things.  My registration did arrive on time, also a good thing. 

This morning, I wanted to put the new registration on my truck, but I couldn’t find it.  That’s something I’ve come to expect.  I lose things frequently.  My fault. 

While I was looking, I decided to print out that downloaded temporary registration, so I could go to the gym.  I’m a pretty literal guy, so I expected that the 10-day temporary registration would expire ten days after the old, permanent one did.  Wrong!  That’s when I found out the ten-day temporary expired on the 29th, two days before the old, permanent registration.  What good is that?  How would that have helped me if the new registration hadn’t arrived on time?

Fortunately, I did find the registration.  I mean, it would have been terrible if I had to walk a mile to the gym, wouldn’t it?