Six Degrees

As best anyone can determine, the term “Six degrees of separation” first appeared in an article in Psychology Today magazine.  The concept of everyone being reasonably closely associated with everyone else first appeared in a short story in 1929.  It’s the idea that everyone is separated from knowing everyone else by at most five people.  In other words, I know A, A knows B, etc., until E knows F. Erstwhile presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race on Super Wednesday (the day after Super Tuesday).  This caused me to reflect that I know someone who once worked for him, so one degree of separation.  Years ago, I knew someone who worked with Bill Gates.  One degree of separation again.  Also, one degree of separation from the Lone Ranger (a since-deceased actor I once knew worked on the radio show opposite Brace Beemer).  And, since I’m one degree of separation from the Lone Ranger, doesn’t that make me three degrees of separation from the Green Hornet?  It is indeed a small world!

Author: Tom

I know by ABC's, I can write my name, and I can count to 100.