Two Things About Facebook

I wonder how the program comes up with people you should know.  Lately it’s been suggesting I should know actors, including a couple who are well known and more than one who played in the famous HBO series “The Sopranos.”  I guess it’s because I was once on the radio and do know a handful of people who are in the SAG-AFTRA union, although I am not and never have been a member myself.

They also suggested long ago that I should know the first wife of a rock star.  We met when she was a little girl, but I have no idea where Facebook got that from.  And they also thought I should know the woman I took to my high school senior prom.  She did introduce me to my wife, but that woman and I haven’t been in touch in many, many years.  Incidentally, or perhaps strangely, Facebook has yet to suggest I might know my date to my high school junior prom.

To me, the strangest one is Facebook suggests I might know Roger Stone.  If his name doesn’t ring a bell, look here:

The only way I can consider my path having possibly crossed his is he also has a radio show, and therefore is probably a member of SAG-AFTRA too.  I was on congressional staff 40-years ago but have not been involved in federal government or national politics since.  I don’t know and have never met him.

Even more odd to me is the Facebook page for a dear friend, mentor and former boss who passed away in 2012.  I like to read my Facebook memory page and recently, one of the memories that popped up included a comment by this man.  Out of curiosity, I checked to see if his Facebook page still exists.  It does.  If you read it, the page does say he died.  Yet in recent years, some people have been visiting the page to wish him a happy birthday.  If you read down in the content, it does say he passed away.  This made me wonder what those well-wishers are doing. 

Do they think there’s Facebook in the afterlife?