Things I Want (or Need) to Know


On New Year’s Day, I changed the date on the copyright notice my cameras attach to pictures I take.  Since I only do that once a year, it took me a few minutes to remember how.  It’s easier to do it here, so I might as well do it now, and on time this year.  The Sisyphus Project is copyright 2019, just as it has been copyright 2008-2018.  All rights reserved.

On January 2, the pro wrestling’s WWE announced that Mean Gene Okerlund, the TV voice of wrestling for generations of viewers had passed away at the age of 76.  I know wrestler Jesse Ventura is credited with dubbing Okerlund “Mean,” but I don’t recall ever actually seeing Okerlund be mean on TV.  Did you?

Did Santa bring you good stuff for Christmas?  I didn’t get another four-figure camera like in did in 2017, but I don’t need another one, and I probably couldn’t carry another one anyway.  Still, I was very happy with what I did get, including some red cable ties.  They keep cables for my computer, camera and phone wrapped compactly, and since they’re red, they make the cables easier to see in the depths of a box or a camera bag.

Is it ever good to break your ribs?  Well, 85-year-old Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg broke her ribs in a fall back in November.  Treatment for the broken ribs resulted in doctors discovering very early that she had lung cancer.  So, she got early treatment for that too.  Here’s wishing her a complete and speedy recovery.  Since she’s already survived pancreatic cancer, there’s probably a good chance she’s immortal.

Have you seen the cable TV house flipping show “Bargain Mansions?”  If you’re living in a house, it makes absolute sense to remodel in phases, but if you’re flipping a house, it only costs extra and takes longer to do it that way.  So, I wonder if the host, Tamara Day, is really flipping houses in phases or she’s saying that’s what she’s doing to get two shows out of each project.

Instead of comments on my blog, I get tons of spam purporting to be comments.  I can’t help wondering how much more spam I’d get if I published all of it as comments.

Why do people eat oyster crackers with clam chowder, and why aren’t there any clam crackers?  I reminded to ask because on Christmas Eve, the restaurant we ate at didn’t serve any crackers with the clam chowder.  It was good anyway.