Things I Know

After the Braves clinched the NL Eastern Division title, the Mets were ahead of the Nats 8-0, the game had lasted long enough to be official, it was pouring, and the outcome of game meant nothing except maybe to a player’s personal stats. Why didn’t they call it? Todays Mets-Nationals game also meaningless, the weather forecast doesn’t look favorable to complete a game until 8 or 9 o’clock. Why is it in rain delay? They should have call this one off too.  Instead, they started a 4:10 PM game around 6:00.

Gotta say thank you to Delta Airlines. Saint Karen and I bought tickets for a Florida vacation starting the day after Ian made landfall in Florida. As you might have expected, our flight was canceled. The tickets were eligible for changes, but not for a cash refund. However, since the flight was cancelled because of Hurricane Ian, Delta offered us the option of a full refund. We accepted. Good job, Delta!

We’re probably going to Florida in November now, but we may drive there.  Because of all the flooding, a lot of autos were ruined, including a lot of rental cars.  To rent a car at the airport in Tampa now costs a lot more than it did before Ian arrived.

Also because of all the flooding, I would be very careful in buying a new or used car with a Florida title for a while.

According to a photo caption in an article recently on the NY Post website recently, a former high school football player and his girlfriend were “fatally killed” in a traffic accident about a week ago. Condolences to both families, of course, but “fatally killed?” Is there another kind? Editors used to exist for reasons, and that’s one of them Bring back editing!

I bought a new paper shredder last February.  It has a one-year warranty.  It broke recently.  Warranty information is hard to find, but apparently, the company wants to send you parts and have you repair it yourself.  Boooo!  I liked the company before this.  My last shredder broke too, but after more than 11 years.  I told my wife it looks a lot easier to just buy a new shredder. She said, “Not from them.”  Smart lady.