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If you’re tired of the process the Democrats are using to choose a Presidential candidate, and who isn’t, Super Tuesday is next week.  Hopefully, that will narrow the field considerably.  Mike Bloomberg has spent something like six-hundred-million dollars on ads.  And his campaign is focused on Super Tuesday.  If he doesn’t do well, that’s a hell of a lot of money to waste.  Or, is he spending it with some other purpose in mind?

It always amazes me that British election campaigns last something like six or seven weeks.

If you want to be pedantic, and I frequently do, grammar, dammit! From the NY Post Website today, “A Florida woman smiled to family members in court Thursday before she was sentenced to 30 years in prison for fatally stabbing her father 69 times.” She stabbed him 69 times, killing him. He didn’t die 69 times.

It’s Leslie’s birthday. Why do I remember, many decades later, the birthday of a junior I dated for a couple of months when I was a senior in high school? Humiliation. When I learned she was born on February 28, I remarked that she just missed being born on leap year day. She looked at me as if I had more than the standard number of heads and told me the year she was born wasn’t a leap year. Humiliation. I know you’re supposed to think first and then speak. I still do those two things in the wrong order occasionally, but when I was 17, I sometimes omitted the think part entirely. She, her husband, my wife, and I remained friends into our twenties, but as life does, it moved on and we all drifted apart. Still, every year at this time, I encounter a renewed twinge of humiliation and can’t help recalling it’s Leslie’s birthday.

I bought myself a scanner designed to digitize film negatives, slides and prints.  I’m still figuring it out, but so far, it’s working well.  I’m not going to convert every picture I took before I switched to digital.  I doubt I will live long enough for that.  But it looks like I’ll have throwback Thursday material for many years to come.

Prince Harry hasn’t really got a lot to complain about.  It’s been centuries since British monarchs or heirs to the throne have gone around killing anyone else in the line of succession.

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