Multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg is running an unorthodox campaign for the Democratic nomination to be President of the United States.  He didn’t participate in the Iowa caucuses, but he will be in tonight’s.  He didn’t run in the New Hampshire primary either, although he did get some write-in votes there.

He didn’t qualify for earlier Democratic debates because entry requirements included performance in polls and the number of donors you’ve lined up.  Bloomberg is now showing up in the polls but didn’t meet the donor rule because he has personally paid for all those ads currently inundating television sets near you, and everywhere else as well.  If the slogan, “Mike will get it done,” doesn’t resonate with you, you’re tv is probably broken.

Bloomberg says he’s running for President to defeat President Trump.

History tells us that more liberal Democrats are likely to vote in primaries, and the same for more conservative Republicans.  Bloomberg has done some things that won’t appeal to left-wing Democrats.  For instance, as mayor of New York, he was a strong supporter of stop and frisk.  As a result, a significant number of political pundits think Bloomberg has very little chance of gaining the nomination.  As a Presidential candidate, Bloomberg has apologized for that position on multiple occasions, and stranger things have happened. 

Last weekend, Bloomberg dropped the news that he’s considering Hillary Clinton as a possible vice-presidential running mate.  Recall for a minute the 2016 Presidential election.  Just about every poll that asked the question determined that Trump and Clinton were the two least liked candidates ever to face each other while seeking the Presidency.  It’s fair to say both are polarizing.  I know people who didn’t vote for either of them.  I am people who didn’t vote for either of them.

Vexed isn’t too harsh a word, is it? By mentioning Clinton as a possible Vice-Presidential candidate, I’m sure Bloomberg has vexed the other people still seeking the Democratic nomination.

By spending all that money in running, it’s clear that whatever else his motives might be, Mike Bloomberg is messing with Donald Trump.  If you have upwards of sixty-billion dollars, I suppose it is pretty easy for you to mess with somebody.  But, suggesting he might designate Hillary Clinton for his running mate leads me to wonder if Mike Bloomberg is trying to mess with everybody.

Author: Tom

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