Things I Want (Or Need) To Know

  • Other than bringing a 19-year-old story back to life, what was Ginny Thomas thinking when she left a voice mail message for Anita Hill asking Professor Hill to apologize to her husband, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas for accusing Judge Thomas of sexual harassment during his confirmation hearing in 1991?

  • According to NBC News this morning, Professor Thomas turned the call over to the FBI.  Other than bring a 19-year-old story back to life, why did she do that?

  • Mark Teixeira isn’t the only player I’ve seen sliding into first base this year, but what the heck is up with that?  For those who don’t follow baseball, you can run faster than you can slide and the first baseman only has to step on the bag, not tag the runner on his way to first base.  Since there’s no need to evade a tag, there’s no need to slide and Teixeira strained his hamstring on the play, although not necessarily because of the slide.

  • Do you think they’ll ever finish Kennedy Airport?  Or LaGuardia?

  • Is there any candidate for any elected office anywhere in the country who hasn’t promised the voters that he or she will “fight” for something?

  • I keep wondering why Carl Paladino, Republican candidate for governor in New York shot himself in the foot while he had both feet in his mouth, instead of firing either before he put them in or after he took them out.

  • Does Jimmy McMillan, the candidate New York governor of the “Rent Is Too Damned High Party” think that beard is attractive?  I’m disillusioned with him, by the way.  Did you know that he doesn’t pay any rent?  He does maintenance on the Brooklyn building he lives in rather than paying money to live there and that’s been going on since the 1980’s.

  • Do you think that TV executives are longing for the ratings winner that a Texas v San Francisco World Series won’t be?

  • If there is a Texas v San Francisco World Series, will anyone but football Giants fans in New York care that Fox has pulled channel five in New York from Cablevision in a dispute over fees?

  • My wife and I got married after the World Series.  This year, the Series starts after my anniversary.  Do the people who run Major League Baseball know that it is possible to have a Minnesota v Colorado World Series?  Both the Twins and the Rockies play in outdoor stadiums, not under domes.  Do the powers that be at MLB know that a November game in either of those cities could be cancelled because of a blizzard?

Author: Tom

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