Things I Want (Or Need) To Know

  • Is the outcome of New York’s gubernatorial election a foregone conclusion?  And has Carl Paladino damaged his own cause badly enough to also hurt the cause of Republican candidates for offices like State Senate, State Assembly and Congress in New York?

  • Brett Favre is, after all, a quarterback, so you’d expect him to make passes.  Still, if you were the recipient of unrequested pictures of a  guy’s private parts, would you be impressed enough to date him?

  • Okay, but would you bring him home to meet the family? 

  • My wife and I are going on a trip soon, but since I’m not working, I can’t really call it a vacation, can I?

  • I saw former US Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao on TV recently.  I believe she was raised on Long Island.  If she were interested, Secretary Chao would be a formidable US Senator.  She doesn’t live in New York now as far as I can tell and she is married to Kentucky’s Senator McConnell, but I wonder why New York Republicans can’t run someone like her for public office instead of some of the candidates they do have.

  • Esquire Magazine called Minka Kelly the sexiest woman in the world.  I’d be interested in knowing how that was determined and whether Derek Jeter objected to the selection process.

  • October is breast cancer awareness month.  People wear pink ribbons, race car drivers appeared at an event with pink cars and many newspaper comic strips were printed in pink rather than in full color.  Lots of other PR events have or will occur.  Encouraging people to get examined for breast cancer is a good thing.  I say people, by the way, because men get breast cancer too, although not as frequently as women do.  Encouraging research on breast cancer is also a good thing.  However, did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death among women?  February is heart disease awareness month in case you were wondering, but the media I notice seem more aware of breast cancer awareness.

Author: Tom

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