Things I Want (Or Need) To Know


  • Are the 33 people who work for the SEC, and were accused of viewing and/or downloading pornography on government-owned computers really that stupid?  If you work in a company or government that has an IT department, somebody besides you can see what you’re doing on the computer provided by your employer.  And what about management?  There’’s software available to block such sites.  And one guy reportedly did this eight hours a day.  If the guy didn’’t do any work and his managers didn’’t notice, maybe both should be canned.

  • Where are my car keys?

  • The OEM replacement blade I bought for my Toro lawnmower is called an Atomic blade.  That would explain James Arness and the giant ants running around in my backyard, however, it raises two questions.  Is an Atomic lawnmower blade even safe?  And if it is an Atomic lawnmower blade, why do I have to put gasoline in the mower to get it to work?

  • I’’ve noticed that the titles of many popular songs are in the form of questions, so when I want to pad my “Things I Want (Or Need) To Know” blog items, I will, from time to time, use one of those song titles.  Here’s another one:  Are you experienced?

  • I believe this needs explaining, but I’’m not sure what question to ask.  While driving through Wantagh NY, I saw a tavern named “Guido’’s Irish Pub.”


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2 thoughts on “Things I Want (Or Need) To Know”

  1. In the refrigerator.


    There used to be a Rosie’s Irish Pub in Little Ferry, New Jersey, near the equally famous Little Ferry Traffic Circle. The town has gone largely Korean in recent years, and the Pub changed its name to “Rosie O’Kim.”

    It didn’t last for long.

  2. The day that I asked, the car keys were in my other pants and today, they were locked in the car.

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