Things I Know

  • As I travel through life, I occasionally learn that someone I’ve known for a long or short time is a much better friend than I ever thought they were.  It’s one of life’s nicest feelings and I felt it again this morning.

  • I made a mistake posting this and it made it to the Internet as a blog item entitled “Things I Know” with nothing under it.  I often feel as if I don’t know anything and when I feel like that, I may be correct.  But I restored the body of the text.

  • Flowering trees sure brighten up the landscape at this time of year.  Since I don’’t suffer from hay fever, I’’m in a better position to enjoy them than many people.  Cherry trees, pear trees and the magnolias are welcomed signs of spring.  I’’d like a magnolia tree, but they grow so big I have no place to put one on my property.

  • If you’’re in the New York area and want to see something beautiful, I recommend the cherry trees at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.  I haven’’t gone in years, but if I recall correctly, they’’re at their peak around Mother’’s Day, maybe a little earlier this year because April has been so warm.

  • I went to Long Island Radio and TV day recently at C.W. Post College.  Saw a few people I haven’’t seen in years.  I enjoyed it a lot.

  • My daughter thinks Toyota would have fewer problems with sticking accelerator pedals if they didn’’t pack them in cotton candy to protect them during shipping.  My daughter is a little strange.  She must get it from her mother.  God knows I’’m completely normal.

  • I didn’’t lose my job exactly.  I know where it is, but if I go there, I don’’t have a key anymore to get in, and someone else is doing it.

  • The New York Society Library claims President George Washington never returned two books he borrowed and, therefore, owes about $300,000 in past-due fines.  I know, and the library should know, that there’s a statute of limitations on uncollected debts.  If that statute of limitations hasn,’t changed since President Washington borrowed those books, then the statute of limitations expired before General Washington did.

  • When I was in the Army, they asked me if I wanted to volunteer to go airborne.  I told them I would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane.  I still feel that way.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.