Things I Know

  • Tonight was the world premiere of the Pay-Per-View event “Amy Fisher:  Nude and Exposed.”  I didn’t watch it.  I hope nobody watched it.  In case you don’t recognize the name, when she was 17, Amy was having an affair with a married man named Joey Buttafuoco and she shot his wife in the head.  the woman survived and Amy went to jail.  This country needs to return to a time when people became infamous, not famous, for doing terrible things.

  • Judging from published pictures of gowns worn by Hollywood actresses on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards, some of them may have misinterpreted the nature of the event based on its name.

  • In case you’re wondering, the url is taken.  It got a few links to law-related searches or law firms, but it looks like a place holder.  In other words, it appears to me someone thought of it and bought it In hopes of making some money by selling it to the next person who thought of it.

  • Before I saw anyone else make it into print, I wrote something about the poor public speaking skills of Caroline Kennedy.  But I didn’t print it at the time and it’s too late now to look original.  Most people are nervous when appearing in public.  I read once that more people are afraid of making a speech than of dying.  Death is, of course, inevitable.  Making a speech isn’t.

  • Vocalized pauses, um, er, ya know, etc., make you sound nervous, unsure, and maybe even evasive.  Silence while gathering your thoughts is much preferable.  In fact, you can use silence to your advantage.  Try this.  Ask someone a question.  When they’re finished with their answer, don’t say anything.  If the person who answered you is anything like average, it’ll only take about five seconds for them to start talking again to fill the awkward silence you created.

  • The first job of a politician is to get elected or reelected.  So name recognition is an important qualification for public office, one of the most important.  Therefore, regardless of her lack of public speaking skills, the Kennedy name alone makes Caroline someone Governor Patterson has to at least consider appointing to the US Senate.

  • I’m a radio geek.  I spent an hour the other day listening to the Jerry Williams radio show on WBBM in Chicago from sometime in 1967.  You can use the Internet to waste all the time there is; maybe more than that.

  • I could use a little global warming right now.  Based on watching the Weather Channel this morning, I’d be even happier to have some global warming by Friday.  At least the days are getting longer.

  • Baseball Spring Training starts on or about February 15th.  I like to think you can’t have Spring Training without Spring.

Author: Tom

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