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  • The title “Things I Know” isn’t very original.  I checked Google and there were 958-thousand hits.  “Things I Want (Or Need) To Know,” is far more original.  Eight hits when I looked a few days ago!  This blog accounted for the first two and the third one linked to this blog!

  • I don’t know if the allegations contained in a law suit against NY Knick player Eddy Curry are true and he says they aren’t.  But in my opinion, the law suit itself doesn’t seem out of place among some of the other court cases involving people who work at Madison Square Garden in recent years.

  • If Natalie Dylan can sell something for $3.7 million that most people give away, we should put her in charge of economic recovery.  That woman could sell ice to penguins and penguins hardly ever carry any cash.

  • If you live in the New York Metropolitan Area and plan to talk to anyone in Canada about how cold it is here tonight, or tomorrow morning, 10 degrees Fahrenheit is about -12 Celsius and 0 degrees Fahrenheit is about -18 degrees Celsius.

  • Once, years ago, I was on a plane that landed off the runway at Byrd Field in Richmond, VA.  Talk about scary!  Therefore I can say with some authority that while nobody wants a plane crash, one that everyone survives, like today’s crash landing in the Hudson River off Manhattan, is a rare and beautiful thing.

  • Based on TV reports of today’s plane crash, if you make a forced landing in the Hudson River when the air temperature is 20 degrees Fahrenheit and you not only survive, but your cell phone still works, the only way you could do better is if the plane arrived safely and without incident at its destination–and your cell phone still worked.

  • The first $350 billion of TARP Bailout funds don’t seem to have done much of anything.  So, it appears we’re going to hand out another $350 billion really soon with still more in the pipeline.  Sometimes, in government, if beating a dead horse doesn’t work, beating two dead horses is the next thing they try.

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  1. I understand that some of the TARP funds are going to help western ranchers clean up their land. Apparently the government is offering help in disposing of dead horses.

  2. The federal government NEVER disposes of dead horses. It does, however, stockpile them.

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