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Both cataract surgeries were successful.  I don’t need glasses to drive, but I do need them to use the computer, so I took the last two months off.

I saw Steven A Smith and Christopher Russo on ESPN this morning.  Assuming they hired the same person to buy each of them a different pink sports coat, neither coat works, IMHO.  I’d either pick out my own clothes or hire someone other than the person who selected those two coats.

Had fun at the Mets Old Timers Day game back on the 27th, but I wish they opened the gates earlier.  Standing outside in the sun and the heat until 3:30 wasn’t enjoyable at all.  But I did see Joe Torre arrive in his big Mercedes.

Driveway is finished, so I can now use my garage.  But the new driveway is thicker than the old one, so now I have to rebuild the driveway gates.  Back yard gets repaired next week.

Our son and daughter-in-law visited from Florida a couple of weeks ago.  We’re going to visit them in Florida in two or three weeks.

Attention reddit posters:  When you ask someone to “bare with” you, you are requesting that they join you in getting naked.  I think you meant to say “bear with” you, but on Reddit, it seems to me the error is much more common than the correctly spelled statement. 

Bought a new cell phone.  It replaced one about six-years old, and the battery held a charge for a few hours at best.  Got an iPhone 13.  Never had an iPhone before, so I have to Google how to do almost anything with it.  This iPhone connects via Bluetooth to my hearing aids, without an adaptor.  So, if I’m wearing my hearing aids and can’t hear you, I’m probably listening to something else. I keep hearing people who should know better pronounce the word accessory as “assessory.”  No dictionary I consulted lists that as an acceptable secondary pronunciation, but I think it will soon become accepted and I have no idea why.  By the way, I have never heard anyone pronounce accepted as “assepted,”  but I have heard “essentric” instead of eccentric.  If you have any idea what’s going on here, please clue me in.

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