Apple +

I would prefer all of my team’s games to be on one TV source. I know MLB is going toward multiple streaming applications for the money and because more bidders mean more money for the teams. I tried to watch tonight’s Mets-National game on Apple + TV. Even though my biggest TV has an Apple TV app I couldn’t sign in. The TV kept telling me that my password was wrong. I changed it. Still the same thing. Yet, I didn’t have any trouble signing into it on my Windows laptop. Okay, but I’d like to watch on a TV larger than 15″ diagonally.

The experience was a little better than back when Facebook tried streaming baseball games. Just a little. A very, very little.

There were technical glitches too. A couple of times the audio or both the audio and video dropped out.

As to the play-by-play announcers. They are pros and I never did play-by-play. But, I know you need to talk more on radio than on TV because TV has pictures. The broadcast team was otherwise fine, but they really need to watch some video of retired Dodger broadcaster Vin Scully. In other words, they need to give their vocal chords and the viewers’ ears a rest once in a while. I don’t think there was a pause of more than 10 seconds during the entire game.

Author: Tom

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