Vaccine Again, and a Baby

I’m glad a whole lot more people have been added to the eligibility pool for COVID vaccine including my daughter, but the New York State System is still deeply flawed.  The state’s website is adding new people’s appointments ahead of people who are already in line.  One of my friends just got an appointment in three weeks through the New York State website, while mine, made on January 12th,  is still almost seven weeks away.

My wife found another source of vaccination for both of us, much earlier than what we got through the state website, so if that works out, I’ll cancel my late-March appointment so someone else can have it, but last time I looked, there was no way to cancel or reschedule an appointment through that website, so I’ll have to call my state senator or assemblyman’s office to find out how to manage that.

Meghan Markle is having another baby with Prince Harry, so their son Archie will soon be a big brother.  I hope that if it’s a girl they name the baby Betty or Veronica.  If it’s a boy, however, I’m not recommending they name him Jughead.

Author: Tom

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