Finding Vaccine in New York

As I’ve said before, I became eligible for a COVID vaccine on January 11th and was able to get an appointment on the 12th for March 26th.  My wife became eligible a few days later and I’ve still not been able to get her an appointment through the NY State Health Department’s website although I try every day.  According to that site this morning, the only place in New York that has appointments is Potsdam.  If you’re wondering what Potsdam is near, it’s a nice, small college town very far upstate, but it isn’t near anything.  To give you an idea, it’s northeast of Watertown and Fort Drum, but it’s closer to Ottawa and Montreal in Canada than it is to anything you’re familiar with in NY.

Frankly, I don’t understand the problem in New York and I wish I did.  My wife’s sister, in Florida, has already received both doses of the vaccine.  I know of other people both in Florida and North Carolina who have also gotten their shots.  I’m still 44 days away from my appointment for my firsr dose, and in five weeks of trying, I haven’t been able to locate the vaccine or even an appointment for my wife.

Also, while Google has become regarded as virtually the source of all knowledge, I’ve tried looking for COVID vaccine near me, and it’s useless for that.  Even the sites that are booked are far, far down the search list and last time I looked, nothing near the top of Google’s search results was even remotely relevant.

Author: Tom

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