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The people who speak at any Democratic national convention are for the Democrat and against the Republican. The people who speak at any Republican National Convention are for the Republican and against the Democrat. Neither major political party in the US has picked a presidential candidate at its national convention in more than 50 years. Why do these things still deserve all the TV coverage they get? Cover them, sure. But don’t broadcast hours and hours of them live. There isn’t anywhere near that much news in them. At least the heritage networks don’t do gavel-to-gavel coverage anymore, and with all the channels available on cable, there are other choices if you want them.

I’ve been driving my daughter to work to keep her off public transportation during this plague.  This morning, I saw 30 people walking around (including two work crews).  I also saw four people on bicycles.  One cyclist and one pedestrian were wearing masks properly.  Two pedestrians were wearing masks to protect their chins.  This virus is still profoundly serious.  There’s no vaccine and no cure.  It kills multiple times more people than does the flu.  Going maskless isn’t just taking a risk with your own life, which would be your right.  Your mask protects other people far more than it protects you, so not wearing a mask is seriously selfish.  And, if you can’t breathe wearing a mask, you are in serious danger from this virus.  Wear a mask or stay home!

Months ago, I said I’d report back about my purchase of Scotts four-step lawn-care program directly from Scotts.  I finally did get step one barely in time to use it.  Maybe a little too late actually, since I have a lot more crabgrass this year than usual.  I got the other missing bag in time to use it too.  And while Scotts says they don’t charge for shipping, they do charge a lot more for the product than you’d pay if you bought it from a big-box home center.  In the future, if I want to avoid going to the store to buy fertilizer, I’ll just avoid buying fertilizer.  It only makes my lawn grow faster so I have to mow it more. 

Also, in the future, if I want to put down crabgrass preventer, I need to put it on my driveway too.  My driveway is so badly in need of repaving that the cracks in it were where crabgrass really took hold in 2020.

Author: Tom

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