Things I Know

I’ve been a little down because of all the COVID-related isolation.  I’ve also been wasting a ton of time on reddit.  What’s your excuse?

Isais?  I was always told hurricanes have one or two-syllable names.

Perhaps Facebook’s algorithms could use a little refinement.  On this day in history, Facebook reminded me today that in years past my wife and I enjoyed a serene lunch at a nice waterfront restaurant, she had successful surgery, my daughter arrived on vacation at Disney World, our cherry tomatoes were ripe and I fixed my toilet for seven bucks.  This morning, when I signed in, Facebook suggested I share the last one.  Hard pass.

I visited an extremely sick friend last week.  He’s dying of a rare blood cancer actually but taking much longer to do it than any doctor believed possible.  I hadn’t seen him in months because of the quarantine recommendations.  Transmission levels are down where I live, but I’m still not sure if going to see him was smart.  I mean lots of people aren’t paying any attention to masks or separation anymore and I don’t want to catch COVID myself or give it to him.   He says he is immune to all contagious diseases because his white-blood count is so high.  That’s funny, but I doubt that it’s true.

In case you’re wondering, my wife saw on TV why disinfectant wipes are in short supply.  Turns out the material, not the liquid, but the material that carries the liquid, is also used in PPE masks.

I’m happy to see baseball return, but with what’s happening to the Miami Marlins, Phillies and Cardinals maybe they rushed it.  I’d hate to see anyone die from playing baseball.

Author: Tom

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