Things I Want (or Need) to Know

Do you miss baseball?  I ask because today would be opening day if everything were right in the world. 

Since the COVID 19 came around and we want to reduce our exposure to the outside world, we ordered some groceries from Amazon Fresh.  It took longer than it ordinarily would, which is understandable, but it worked fine.  The eggs they sent us were brown while most eggs available where we live are white, but again no problem.  Still, with Easter fast approaching, I can’t help wondering how many other colors they have?

One of my Facebook friends asked an important question the other day:  How long does toilet paper last if you freeze it?

Here in the USA, most people use the phrase “social distancing” to express one way of combatting the spread of COVID 19.  In England, the most frequently used phrase is “social isolation.”  How does social isolation even exist?  You can talk to someone who’s standing across the street, but can you be social and isolated at the same time?

The supermarket I patronize isn’t selling roasted chickens since the lock-down.  I find myself wondering if cold cuts are okay.  I know cold cuts are cooked and then refrigerated, but is it safer for me to cook meat after I get it, rather than buying it cooked?  Is the virus more likely to grow on pre-cooked meat?  I don’t ask that as a joke.  I don’t know and I’d like to.

At least the supermarkets near where I live aren’t jammed anymore.  Crowds have disappeared, especially when I go early in the morning.  Most products are available now, at least in limited supply.  But when will toilet paper, disinfectant wipes and paper towels will reappear?

Author: Tom

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