Things I Want (or Need) to Know

I was at a warehouse recently.  Like most warehouses, it had forklifts and 18-wheel trucks.  Observing them in operation made me wonder why when your toilet backs up it doesn’t go “beep beep beep.”

Headline from the NY Post website late last month,  “Ghost Boat With Decapitated Heads, Corpses Washes Up in Japan”  Wouldn’t “decapitated heads be heads from which the heads had  been removed?

If your dentist installs a new crown in your mouth, is that a coronation?

Instead of comments on my blog, I get tons of spam purporting to be comments.  I can’t help wondering how much more spam I’d get if I published all of it as comments.

Why do people eat oyster crackers with clam chowder, and why aren’t there any clam crackers?

I know I’m a little late with this, but I was tied up with other stuff.  What did Santa bring you for Christmas?  I got a cool WKRP first-annual turkey drop t-shirt.

I hate Liberty Mutual TV commercials.  Here’s one more reason.  Plymouth Dusters and Dodge Demons looked very similar from 1970 to 1976 and they don’t show it very long.  But can someone explain why the Emu and his partner, Doug, in the Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials are driving around in a company car that’s almost 50 years old?  Also, what’s with the blue light on the roof?  In most states only police can use a light like that.  In New York, volunteer fire fighters use them too.

Author: Tom

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