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The United States, as a country, has had three attempts to impeach the president in less than 50 years.  That should tell you that every impeachment is at least in some way about politics.  Before the attempt to impeach President Nixon, the only other instance was President Andrew Johnson after the Civil War.  Of the four, the effort to remove Nixon was the least political.  Most people don’t realize President Nixon wasn’t impeached.  He resigned to avoid it.

Whatever you think about the trial about to begin in the US Senate on whether to remove President Trump from office, Senator McConnell’s saying that there may be no need to call witnesses seems bogus to me.  A House vote to impeach has been likened to a grand jury indictment.  If a grand jury hands up an indictment, after having called witnesses, when the trial starts, there are witnesses in the trial too.

 I don’t know how much money is in the coin jar on your bureau, but mine held $151.33 when I emptied it this week.

The theory behind bail reform in New York was a good one.  In practice, not so much.  Lots of poor people charged with crimes spent months in jail because they couldn’t make bail, only to be acquitted or have charged dropped in the end.  It makes sense to release a lot of people without bail.  What is happening now, however, is too many people charged with a crime are being released without bail only to be rearrested a few hours or days later for committing another of the same type of crime.  Clearly, some fine tuning is needed.

I like taking pictures of collectable cars.  As a result, I’ve been to several Barrett-Jackson auctions and enjoyed them.  Last week was the first time I went to a Mecum auction, the one that’s held in Kissimmee Florida each January.  If you like to look at collectable cars, I endorse attending either company’s auctions.  I had a great time.

I haven’t taken a red-eye flight in decades and I won’t do it again.  On Saturday, I was scheduled to leave Orlando around 9:00 PM, but the flight was delayed so I didn’t get to Islip MacArthur Airport until 1:15 AM or home until 2:45.  Because flights can be delayed, I don’t think I’ll be booking a flight as late as 9:00 PM anymore either.

One thing about my trip to Florida was exceptional.  I got the kind of rental car I reserved.  That’s never happened to me before.  I asked for a Mustang convertible, or similar.  Instead of the “or similar” I usually get, I got the Mustang. 

I frequently listen to the British talk-radio station LBC, and I still don’t understand what the fuss is about Harry and Meghan wanting to abandon their active positions in the Royal family.   

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