Is Chivalry Dead?

Is chivalry dead in Nassau County, NY?  Maybe.  It does look like it.  I have no knowledge of the behind-the-scenes strategy of prosecutors in the federal corruption trial of former Nassau County, NY Executive Edward Mangano and his wife, Linda.

From the Long Island newspaper “Newsday” yesterday,

 “The panel found Edward Mangano, 56, guilty of conspiracy to commit federal program bribery, federal program bribery, conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, honest services wire fraud and conspiracy to obstruct justice.  Jurors found Linda Mangano, also 56, guilty of conspiracy to obstruct justice, obstruction of justice and two counts of lying to the FBI.”

Why do I say that chivalry appears to be deceased?  Well, when prosecutors indict a married couple, in most cases, they hope the one whose crimes appear most serious will cop a plea and as part of that plea deal charges will be dropped against the other.  More often than not, it’s a husband going to prison with the understanding that his wife will be spared jail time.  I have no knowledge of defense strategies in this case either.  Still, both Ed and Linda elected to go to trial.  Their first trial ended with a hung jury.  This week, they lost their gamble in a retrial.  Both vow to appeal. 

Most, of not all of the political fallout from this case has already occurred.  In November, 2017 Laura Curran, a Democrat, won her office running against the Republican candidate, former Mineola Mayor and State Senator Jack Martins.

Author: Tom

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