Things I Want (or Need) to Know

California has primary elections tomorrow.  In case you’re not aware, California has open primaries.  You can vote for whatever person you want who’s seeking an office, whether you’re registered in the same party, or not.  If two Democrats get the largest vote totals in the primary, they face off in November.  If two Republicans get the most votes, you’re not in California after all.  Also, political parties in California aren’t allowed to raise money for candidates.  So, why do they even have political parties there?

It was so chilly this morning, that I wondered if God was aware it’s June.

When renewing your car registration on line, New York State DMV won’t let you put a dash in the field where you fill in your license-plate number. Example, ABC1234, not ABC-1234.  So, why do they put a dash on the license plate in the first place?

Author: Tom

I know by ABC's, I can write my name, and I can count to 100.