Weiner’s Wiener Redux

First, and to be totally honest, I need to issue a clarification.  There was once a photograph (the old kind on film) of me in my underwear.  It wasn’t a close up of my crotch, so I stand by my original statement and I doubt very seriously that the picture still exists.  In fact, it may not exist by unanimous request of those few people who saw it.  The photo in question was snapped years ago, during an Army field exercise.  I was stripped down to my underwear while being put through a situation designed to give young soldiers a little taste of what being a prisoner of war would be like.  I thought then and still believe that being a prisoner of war for real is a lot more unpleasant than that exercise was.

If you remember, a few days ago, I advised Congressman Weiner to tell the truth, or a plausible story that couldn’t be proven false.  When I did that, the story I suggested allowed for unseemly pictures of him and while I didn’t insist that he sent the picture in question, his actions to that point convinced me the picture was of him and I allowed that he could have sent it as well. 

Now, of course, there are two questions:  “What?” and, “Was he thinking?” The dance marathon Rep. Weiner engaged in while skirting the question of whose picture was it, does make the story he told on Monday, June 6, completely believable.  So, whether he ever learned of my advice he is now following it, even though he’s following it way too late.

As for Mr. Weiner’s likability affecting the eventual outcome, well, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi did call for an investigation by the House Ethics committee.  I’ll leave it to you to form your own opinion as to whether “House Ethics Committee” is an oxymoron.

I’m pretty sure I would never vote for a candidate for Congress if I knew in advance that he or she was that stupid.  And kids, if you’re reading this and thinking of adults in your life who have told you that sexting is bad, let this be a lesson to you:  If you do engage in sexting, it can turn out badly.  And, once more with feeling, what you put on the Internet may be personal, but it isn’t private.

Author: Tom

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