Things I Know

  • The USA should have filed an environmental impact statement before dumping Osama Bin Laden into the ocean.

  • I read that Ford Motor Company sold fewer than eight thousand Lincolns in March.  When at the NY Auto Show, last month, it occurred to me that Lincoln has gone the way of Mercury and you know what happened to Mercury (they don’t make them anymore).  All the Lincolns I saw at the Auto Show were obviously badge-engineered.  They are clearly based on Fords.  They mostly look like Fords with different grilles and fancier interiors. 

  • Lincoln has manufactured some of the most beautiful and some of the ugliest cars ever made (in my opinion of course).  I hope they find their niche again and become something more than uber-Fords.  If not, I fear that Lincoln will be out of business within a few years.
  • We’re doing some repairs and interior remodeling in our house.  Nobody should live in a house while it’s under construction and this is the second time we’ve done it, so you’d think we already knew that.
  • We’ve lived in this house for 20-years and neither the home inspection we had before we bought it nor any of the electricians who’ve been in since found any active knob and tube wiring in it.  But the electrician who is here now did and we probably have to rewire the entire second floor.  Expensive, sure, but it is a fire hazard so it has to go.
  • In addition to the construction, my wife and I are getting ready for a trip to California next week.
  • One of my favorite ways to relax is to soak in the bathtub while listening to the radio and reading a book.  Last week, I knocked my 13-year-old portable radio into the tub.  I dried it out with a hair drier and then my wife left it in the sun for a couple of days.  It works again!  Mostly.  Although you can’t get this particular model anymore and I was wrong when I bought it to think  I’d listen to a lot of shortwave, I’m hereby impressed with my Grundig Yachtboy 400 and even more impressed with the fact that I don’t have to buy another radio.
  • On May 1, I may have found the most expensive 87-octane gasoline in New Jersey.  In case that’s what you’re looking for, it was in Hibernia, just off I-80.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.