Things I Know

  • Since I haven’t mentioned it before, in addition to previous copyright notices, this blog is copyrighted 2011 too.

  • You can thank me for the iPhone on Verizon.  I bought a Droid from them last week.

  • My new cell phone came with a Kindle app.  So I was looking around this morning for things I could download for free.  I started on, of course, because they sell Kindles.  So that’s how I came to know you can download the federal budget to your Kindle.  And, it’s free!  Manufacturer of sleeping pills will of course be devastated.

  • Brian Williams isn’t very funny on the NBC Nightly News, but on the late-night talk shows, he’s hysterical.

  • As long as I’m being a TV critic, I think Lester Holt’s on camera persona is as good as or better than anyone at NBC.

  • Stop the presses.  Bret Favre, the Vikings’ quarterback has announced his retirement.

  • For the fourth time! 

  • I would have thought an NFL quarterback has enough women hitting on him that he never has to hit on anyone, especially women who work with or for his team.

  • Even if you thought they were jokes, if nobody laughs, you explain them, and still, nobody laughs, then they weren’t jokes after all.

  • After January 6th, it’s appropriate to take down your Christmas decorations.  In fact, it’s recommended everywhere, and may be required in certain home-owners’ associations. 

  • February 13th is the day pitchers and catchers report to spring training this year.  March 31st is opening day.  So far this off season, the Mets haven’t done much to make me excited about either date.

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