Update and Elaborate

My sister remembers the priest who administered last rites to my father a little differently than I do.  She says the priest assured us that because he had last rites, my father would go to heaven upon his imminent demise.  Maybe, but I still didn’t find it comforting at all; it enraged me actually and it took considerable restraint on my part to eschew attacking the guy.  My father was a good man who, throughout his life, embraced obligations a lot of people (maybe most people) would walk or run away from.  She thinks, and I agree that if there is a heaven, our father made it with or without last rites.  In fact, he didn’t receive the sacrament the second time he was at death’s door, the time he went through that door.  Frankly, I don’t find any comfort in what a lot priests and ministers say on the occasion of someone’s death.  If God wanted to call a person to Him for reasons we don’t understand, why don’t good people live longer than bad people?  And why doesn’t He forget someone every once in a while?

Author: Tom

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