Politics in New York–Spelling It Out

New Yorkers, these days, are wishing they lived in New Jersey or Illinois.  The state Democratic Party is plagued with a Congressman accused of sexually harassing his male staff, another Congressman who has been in charge of writing tax laws who apparently didn’’t pay his taxes, a Governor who quit in disgrace after his involvement with prostitutes became public , another Governor who may be involved in trying to suppress domestic violence charges against one of his closest aides, and a State Senator who was expelled from the Senate after he was charged with slashing his girlfriend with broken glass.  Polls suggest the last guy has a shot at returning to the Senate when the special election is held soon. 

Have I left anything out?  Oh, yeah, Democrats control the Governorship, both houses of the State Legislature.  The Comptroller and Attorney General are also Democrats and the budget, which is due in three weeks, currently carries a projected $9 billion deficit.

Most disturbing of all, the New York State Republican Party is in such disarray that it doesn’’t seem to be able to use any of that to its advantage.  In fact, at this moment, the Republicans are talking about two possible candidates for Governor, an investment banker (not America’s most trusted or admired profession these days) and a Democrat.

Author: Tom

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