Things I Know

  • If you are an extortionist, as Robert Halderman is accused of being, don’t accept checks, ever.  Your victim can stop the check, the check can bounce and most important of all, the check is evidence.

  • I hope Elizabeth Smart is as together as she appeared to be when she testified in court against her alleged kidnapper, Brian David Mitchell.  It’s hard to imagine that Mitchell didn’t do what he’s accused of and if he is found guilty, Mitchell’s heinous acts make me wish once again that cruel and unusual punishment were required for certain crimes, rather than prohibited in all instances as it is in the US Constitution.

  • According to a website of indeterminable reliability, the word “mispronunciation” is one of the 100 most often mispronounced words in the English language.  I found this website because I looked up the pronunciation of the word “hierarchy” after sitting through a sales presentation for a major computer hardware and software package.  One of the presenters mispronounced hierarchy multiple times during the sales pitch.  According to the same website, “hierarchy” is another of the 100 most often mispronounced words.  I was right; she said it wrong.

  • I wasn’t the only one who noticed that woman mispronouncing hierarchy.  We had another meeting about a new software system today and somebody else brought it up too.

  • Even before her current book tour, I knew far more about Mackenzie Phillips’ sex life than I cared to.  Recently, thanks to a pervasive lack of taste in most mass media, I learned more about the sex life of Robert Melia than I wanted to know as well.  Google him.  I won’t help you find out.  I tell you what.  Whether or not you tell me about yours, I won’t tell you about mine.  Okay?

  • MS Word’s spelling and grammar checker doesn’t recognize “Google” as a verb.

  • I bought a new paper shredder.  The old one died while I was cleaning out some files in my basement.  Here are the two things I like best about the new one.  You can empty it without taking the shredding part off the waste basket part.  The bin slides out.  That makes it a little less messy than most of them.  And it’s  powerful enough that I can shred any credit card offer I get in the mail without opening the envelope.  What a time saver that is!

  • Speaking of credit card offers coming in the mail, Capital One’s TV commercials are much better than its direct mail advertising.

  • Here’s an unintended consequence of having a wireless computer network in my home,and a laptop computer.  When watching one of those mystery true-crime shows like “48 Hours,” I often researching the outcome on the Internet instead of waiting until the end of the show to find out what happened.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.