Things I Know

  • Our founding fathers got a lot of things right when they came up with the US Constitution.  But when I read about Phillip Garrido who kidnapped  11-year-old Jaycee Dugard, raped her and held her prisoner for 18 years, I wonder if the constitution should require cruel and unusual punishment for someone who’s done what he’s accused of instead of prohibiting it.

  • I bought Marvel Comics lots of times for a dime or a quarter.  I stopped before they got to be a dollar.  Disney paid four-billion dollars!  Disney must have gotten a collector’s edition.  Maybe one of the ones with a hologram on the cover.

  • Ten of the top ten vehicles traded in during the cash for clunkers program were American made.  Two of the top ten vehicles purchased during the cash for clunkers program were American made.  I’m reminded of Arsenio Hall’s old talk show and the feature he used to have, “Things that make you say HMMMMMMMM.”

  • This year, the New York Mets didn”‘t playing any meaningful games in August.

  • If you don”t turn it over regularly, one way to keep your compost pile from becoming overgrown with weeds is to plant pumpkins in it.  If you do, it will become overgrown with pumpkins instead.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.