Things I Know

  • If you’’re drinking beer instead of water in this hot weather, you’’ll be plastered before you’re hydrated.  But you already knew that, didn’’t you?

  • Morning glories are migratory plants.  Not like triffids, exactly, but If you plant them, your neighbor will soon have morning glories too.  So find out if your neighbor likes them before you plant them.  If your neighbor hates morning glories and you hate your neighbor, plant them anyway.  My neighbor planted morning glories a few years ago.  The herbicide I’ve been using on them ought to be called morning glory food.  They seem to like it a lot.

  • I’’m glad I didn’’t plant tomatoes this year.  They aren’’t growing well and there’’s blight.  But I’’ve planted tomatoes in years past, so I do have tomato plants.  They came up on their own and they started late enough that I don’’t think they’’ll mature before the weather changes.

  • My blueberry yield is way down too.

  • This weekend was the first time I watered my lawn all summer.  But before it showed faint signs of turning brown, it grew so fast last week that I had to raise the mower deck higher than it’’s supposed to go in order to mow it without choking the mower.

  • The grass is growing so well this year that I’’m trying, so far unsuccessfully, to remember to mow it every five days instead of once a week.

  • My wife’s car is being bombarded.  She parks it under the large oak tree in front of our house and we have a bumper crop of acorns, but we don’’t have enough squirrels to hide all of them.

  • In New York, every year when it gets over 90 degrees, TV stations send news reporters around to find people working outdoors in the awful heat.  I wonder if any New York TV news director knows that in Death Valley, CA, they run a 135 mile super marathon every summer.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.