Things I Know

  • It wasn’t a sense of duty that compelled me to my office this morning.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  It was nice where I live when I got up this morning, but the car had to go to the shop to have its brakes checked.  So, I walked to work instead of calling in sick and driving to the beach.  I love the beach and I can’t tell you the last time I went; it wasn’t this year.  I felt better about going to the office and not the beach at lunchtime because as soon as I picked up the car at the garage, it started raining.

  • It’s hard to believe, but Monday was the first day this summer that it officially hit 90 degrees in New York City.  I could use a little global warming around here.

  • I saw a cicada’s molted skin in my driveway.  That’s unusual, because they usually leave them in the trees.  Some people view cicadas as a sign of summer.  Since they are at their peak around here in mid to late August, I view them as a sign of impending autumn.

  • This next is to anyone who read or heard about the horrific wrong-way accident on New York’s  Taconic Parkway that killed Diane Schuler, her daughter, her brother’s three children, and three men in another car.  If you think no mother could jeopardize the lives of her children, and other people they love, by deliberately driving drunk and/or high, you’re wrong.  I’ve seen it lots of times.  I’m not saying Diane Schuler did it deliberately although it looks like that may have happened.  But many people have done it deliberately.  I hope no more lives are ruined among those left behind.

  • Muhammad Ali was at the new Yankee Stadium last week.  As if age didn’t attack everyone’s physical prowess with enough fury, it’s sad to see Ali, who was once one of the best athletes in the world, devastated by Parkinson’s Disease.

  •  A guy from Jensen Beach Florida was arrested for having child pornography on his computer.  The accused said in his defense that it was his cat’s fault.  He said the cat downloaded the illegal material when it jumped on his computer keyboard while he was downloading music.  If the cat didn’t use a pointing device, I guess it wasn’t a cat-and-mouse game, was it?  As a former Congressman I know once said under different circumstances with respect to another criminal case, the plaintiff only has to get one of the 12 jurors to buy that story.

  • On one of the few days it hasn’t rained around here this summer, I saw a guy driving around town in a black 1960 Ford convertible.  He was slouched behind the wheel with his left arm draped out the window in a way that tells you this is a man who wasn’t raised in air-conditioned cars with the windows always rolled up.

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.