Things I Know

  • The worst thing about being an adult is today wasn’t the last day of school and I cant go out and play for the next ten weeks.

  • That executive parking space I got in April, they took it away today.  Is that handwriting I see on the wall?

  • If you missed National Dry Martini Day (June 19th) because you were drunk, you probably have a drinking problem.

  • I like a good play on words as much as the next person.  Maybe more.  So kudos to Bill Korbel, weatherman for News 12, a cable news channel on Long Island.  Mr. Korbel said he’s no longer worried about global warming.  It’s global wetting that has him concerned.

  • I was excited recently when someone registered as a commenter on my blog.  Then I looked up the e-mail address and discovered that it wasn’t someone who registered.  It was some thing, a spambot from Switzerland of all places.

  • An infant was abandoned in a shoe box in the lobby of an apartment building in Hempstead NY on Sunday night.  This is either an act of desperation or something as cold and uncaring as it’s possible to be.

  • They caught the woman who allegedly did that.  She’s a 24-year-old, Illegal alien, drug-adicted prostitute with six other children under the age of eight.

  • When Ed McMahon died at the age of 86, I did what I always do when I notice that someone has passed away.  I subtracted my age from his and said to myself, “”I hope I have more time left than that.”

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.