Things I Want (Or Need) To Know

  • This morning, someone wished me a happy Thanksgiving and admonished me to not eat too much turkey.  Aren’t those two things mutually exclusive?  In order to have a happy Thanksgiving, don’t you have to eat too much turkey, or too much of something anyway?  Glutton that I am, I plan to eat too much turkey and too much pumpkin pie as well.

  • Why do so many people these days stop so far behind where they’re supposed to stop at traffic signals?  Don’t they know that a lot of traffic signals have sensors under the pavement and if nobody passes over the sensor the light won’t change?
  • If there’s a liquidity crisis in this country, shouldn’t I be receiving fewer credit card offers in the mail?
  • I’m beginning to think that traffic officials in New Jersey deliberately abandoned the left turn, rather than never discovering it in the first place.  Yesterday, I saw someone make a U-turn on a major New York State route (six traffic lanes, turn lanes in each direction and a center divider), from the middle lane, with the left turn signal red!  Is going around the block a felony?  I only ask because I know that was at least three traffic violations.

Author: Tom

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