I can’t figure out how to respond to comments made in the comment section of this blog, so I’ll respond when I feel like it in the blog item section.

To Richard, I’ll say that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fill the portable  hard drive I just got with MP3 music files (not even when I’ve digitized all my Moody Blues albums), let alone consider another hard drive because the one I bought last week filled up with music.

If the entire Billboard top 100 turned over every week since Billboard started its charts in 1955, that would be around 110,000 songs.  It doesn’t, so I’d guess the actual number of songs in the Billboard top 100 is on the order of 20-30 thousand.  I don’t like all of them and I’m not going to try to collect a complete set.

But it occurs to me that computer storage is now so cheap that while having everything is still out of reach financially, having a place to keep everything (at least if everything is digitized) does appear to be within reach.  A 500GB hard drive that fits in my shirt pocket sure beats the equivalent amount of storage in boxes of 500 IBM punch cards.

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