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Back in February, I started this blog with the avowed purpose of entertaining myself.  So far, so good.

Until the end of September, I hadn’t looked at the statistics on who’s visiting the Sisyphus Project.   Frankly, the stats surprised me.   After eight months in operation, it turns out I have a few readers.  Not only that, but the number of individual site visits is rising steadily.

I’ve only told a handful of friends that I’m doing this and two fingers of that handful have told me they don’t make a habit of reading blogs.  It occurs to me that some of the people who are reading the Sisyphus Project don’t know me from Adam.  So in addition to being surprised, I’m also flattered. 

Now that I know there’s somebody out there, I’ve turned comments on. 

There’s no registration and no password, however the software system we’re using here does require you to enter a name and an e-mail address.  It certainly doesn’t require you to enter your name.  Handles are okay with me.  I assume that nobody is using their real name to comment.  Everybody else should make that assumption too.  The software also requires you to enter an e-mail address.  I haven’t tried it and don’t know whether the address has to be a valid one.  The software says it doesn’t publish the e-mail addresses.  I haven’t tried that either.

Rules for commenters (I’m trying to keep them to a minimum):

The first and foremost rule is:  It’s my blog!

A panel of judges rules on the quality of comments.  The panel consists of me.  Decisions of the judges are arbitrary. 

Also, I’m writing this for free, and so are you.  If I figure out a way for me to make money on this, I get to keep it, and you’re commenting for free.  If you figure out a way to make money on this, I get to keep that too, and you still comment for free.  In other words, copyright 2008:  all rights reserved.

By choosing to post here, you agree to those terms. 

Please try to have your comments make sense, or nonsense.

I may delete something you’ve posted here if I feel like it.  If I delete something, it just means I feel like it.  I suppose I can edit things too, but I probably won’t.  No guarantees though. 

I don’t do libel and/or slander.  You can do libel and/or slander if you want to, but not here.  I don’t flame people either.  You can do that too, but again, not here.

In the very likely event   something comes up and I didn’t think of a rule to cover it, the first and foremost rule applies.  It’s my blog!

Author: Tom

I know my ABC's, I can write my name and I can count to a hundred.