Oh Eliot

As I understand it (I don’t know the man) Eliot Spitzer who has called himself a steamroller, is actually a bully, which is something a little different.  He’s a man who had allies, but few if any friends.  That’s part of the reason everyone managed to abandon the sinking ship of Empire State so quickly when the NY Times let us know that Eliot (only one “L”, you could look it up) had met up with a hooker at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington DC. 

Seems Eliot’s sense of rectitude doesn’t extend to himself.  Ken Langone, who was a target of Mr. Spitzer’s prosecutorial wrath, said he hoped Eliot’s private hell was hotter than anyone else’s.  Col. Jack Jacobs, a military analyst for MSNBC called him a sanctimonious jackass. 

People’s names don’t usually stick in my head, but weird facts do.  So, I know where the term “Hooker” comes from.  It was coined because a particular Civil War General”s command had a lot of camp-followers.  But today, with General Hooker no longer well known, it seems strange.  Perhaps we’re referring to an avid fisherman or to a bad golfer.  Would people be as upset with Eliot if he’d engaged the services of a slicer instead of a hooker?  See what I mean?  And which is dumber, what Governor Spitzer did or Governor Corzine’s refusal to wear a seatbelt?

I’ve read a little about psychology.  There are several possible explanations for our soon-to-be former Governor’s behavior.  He has always had money.  He has had status for a long time.  Maybe everything came to him so easily that he felt he was above rules.  Maybe he didn’t think he deserved everything that had come so easily, so his behavior was consciously or unconsciously self-destructive.  Maybe he is addicted to risk.   Most of Psychiatry boils down to two short sentences, either or both of which would have benefitted Governor Spitzer if he knew about them before all this happened.  The first:  Want what you can have.  The second:  Stop that! 

I read an article in one of New York’s daily newspapers that said Eliot’s wife, Silda, was upset that the woman involved was only four years older than their oldest daughter.  News flash:  If you’re going to pay that much money for sex with a strange woman, you’d feel you hadn’t gotten your money’s worth if she was four years older than your grandmother! 

The young woman involved, “Ashley” Kristen “Dupre” Youmans,  will probably make even more money from book deals, recordings of her music, magazine covers, centerfolds, DVD’s etc.  I’ve heard estimates that she might make upwards of $5 million.  That’s a good trick.  Hell, that’s a lot of tricks, even considering what she charges.  It turns out the story on her Myspace page is somewhere between exaggerated and bullshit.  Her music doesn’t sound very good to my ear, but you’ve got to give her some props for claiming that Etta James was an influence. 

I’ve heard a lot of news about how beautiful Ashley is.  I have to demure, even if demure isn’t a word used very much around Ashley, at least in the last few years.  I think a good photographer can  take a pretty picture of her, but there’s something odd about the shape of her nose. 

Damn!  I’m old enough to notice her nose! 


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