Sisyphus Project Explained

Sisyphus was a character in Greek Mythology.  He made Zeus mad and after a convoluted series of events, he wound up in hell, condemned to roll a big rock up an even bigger hill for all of eternity.  Naturally the hill was too long to complete this task in one day and when Sisyphus ended his toils each day, the rock rolled back to the bottom of the hill and he had to start over again each morning.

 So, Sisyphus can be considered frustration personified.

Like Sisyphus, I too have a rock.  While I don’t have to roll mine up the hill for all of eternity, I do go home for lunch.  So, I start over again twice a day.

And here, dear reader, I shall categorize frustrations, mine and those I see or imagine.  Sometimes, but not always, blog entries will be based on reality.  I’ll write about other stuff too.  Nobody’s frustrated all the time.  Often, the names will be changed to protect the innocent, or the guilty, or both.  However, if you imagine yourself or anyone else to be libeled or slandered here, you are wrong.  If I intended to libel or slander anyone, you would not need any imagination or have any doubt!

I am writing this blog to entertain myself.  If I also entertain you in the process, so much the better.  If I don’t, find something else to read.  It’s a big Internet.

As we embark on the Sisyphus Project, please do not take this seriously.  Lord knows I don’t.