Roughly ten years ago, I was in Lake Tahoe CA.  I don’t remember where I wanted to go at the time, but I put the address in the GPS and headed off.  The GPS wanted me to drive up the west side of the lake.  I drove up the east side.  Admittedly, the east side was a little longer, but I had been to the west side and wanted to see what the other side was like.

It was then I first had the fantasy of not following what the GPS wanted me to do until the GPS abandoned its very calm voice and screamed at me.

This morning, I wanted to go to Manorville NY.  I know at least one way to get there from where I was but decided to ask the GPS.  Its answer was very strange.  It told me to switch between two major east-west roads by using a small side street when I could use a major local street to move between the two big highways both sooner and more quickly.  It told me to travel through a construction zone to avoid a major intersection on Sunrise Highway that didn’t have any problems.

So, I decided to move from the GPS’ chosen route to the one I know.  I headed north on the Seaford -Oyster Bay Expressway and east on the Long Island Expressway.  The GPS wanted me to get off my chosen route at every exit.  Finally, it stopped doing that.  I thought the GPS had gotten to a point where it agreed with the way I was going.  I was wrong.  The GPS never yelled at me, but it did stop talking to me.

When I reached the proper exit on the Long Island Expressway to take me to my destination (exit 69, if you must know), the GPS didn’t tell me to exit the expressway and head south.  It didn’t say anything at all.

Not my original goal, but it’ll do.

Author: Tom

I know by ABC's, I can write my name, and I can count to 100.