I’m Grumpy, or Maybe Some Other Dwarf

I guess I was grumpy on Monday.  I was standing six feet behind another patient, patiently waiting to check in at my doctor’s office for a test.  Nothing to worry about.  The test was routine, I studied hard, and passed it with flying colors.

Another patient I’d never met walked up to me and said, “What did your mother tell you about putting your hands in your pockets?”  Much like a British monarch, I was not amused, so I replied, “I don’t care, she’s dead.”  Then, to add to the grumpy, I said, “I didn’t like her anyway, and she didn’t like me much either.”  Sadly, all too true.

I’m old enough to decide whether to put my hands in my pockets or not.  Plus, not that it’s any of his business, but I have Raynaud’s disease.  My hands are always cold.

But nosey guy wouldn’t let go.  He said I’d meet my mother again someday.  “No, I won’t,” I said.  “I’m going to heaven, so I won’t ever see her again.”

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I would have preferred that the Crimson Tide win because my son and my niece are alums, but Congratulations to the National College Football Champion Georgia Bulldogs.

Author: Tom

I know by ABC's, I can write my name, and I can count to 100.