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With everyone having trouble arranging grocery deliveries from services like Amazon Prime, Instacart, Peapod, etc., I’m reminded that in the 50’s and 60’s, local merchants would deliver almost everything to your house, usually for free.  Drug stores, liquor stores, beer and soda, butchers, bakers, the milk man.  There were door-to-door salesmen too who sold freezers and food plans that delivered frozen meat and vegetables on schedule.

Captain Tom Moore is a 99-year-old British man and he’s pretty damned impressive.  He’ll be 100 on April 30th, and talking to his family, he decided to walk around his garden 100 times before his birthday to raise 1,000 pounds for the British National Health Service which is over-burdened with the COVID onslaught.  If that doesn’t sound like much effort, he is 99 and his daughter said on LBC radio in London the other day that he needs sticks or a walker to remain mobile.  She also said he’d probably hit the walking goal today.  Did he raise his 1,000 pounds?  I’ll say.  His effort struck a chord on the internet.  His virus fight went viral.  So far, he’s raised over 15-million pounds!  He says he’ll keep walking as long as people keep giving.  I’d say good for Tom Moore, but he’s British, so I’ll said good on Tom Moore instead.

President Obama has endorsed his vice president, Joe Biden, for President.  That’s not news.  It would be news if Obama refused to endorse Biden.

I’m surprised that a month or more into this thing we still haven’t solved the supply problem.  It’s still almost impossible to acquire disinfectant wipes or toilet paper.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is certainly giving informative briefings on COVID 19.  Straight forward and lots of data to back up what he says.  Talking about communication skills only, Cuomo’s briefings are superior to those of President Trump.  Still, New York State has more cases than any country in the world except the USA, and the USA has the most cases of any country in the world, about a quarter of all the cases reported.  So, I wonder whether either of them is being particularly effective in battling COVID 19.

Lots of companies are selling products online these days.  One that kind of surprised me is Scotts lawn care products.  I paid for the fertilizer I got from them.  They didn’t pay me or grant me free products.  Have you looked at their website?  It’s really neat.  I knew the lawn area of my property was less than 5,000 square feet.  Scotts website brings up a Google maps picture of where I live and allows me to easily approximate the size of my lawn.  It said 3,802 square feet.  I don’t think that’s exact, but it’s close enough and it’s impressive.

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