King v O’Donnell

For the past week of two, articles in the NY Post have been hinting at a feud between CBS Morning News co-hosts Gail King and Nora O’Donnell.  King just got a new contract, and a big raise.  The post implied that as part of King’s new contract, she insisted that O’Donnell be moved off the show.  Both King and O’Donnell denied that there’s a feud on this morning’s show.

Moreover, O’Donnell was announced as the new anchor of the CBS Evening News, and further, CBS is moving the show to Washington this summer at considerable expense and O’Donnell’s request.

I don’t know if there’s a feud or not, but if someone forced me off the show I was on, I’d like it to be the way O’Donnell left.  Being sole anchor of the CBS Evening News is a promotion from co-anchor of the Morning News.  And, if O’Donnell does manage to improve ratings (the show has fewer viewers than ABC or NBC), she will also be rewarded handsomely.

If the feud rumors are true, CBS essentially said, “We don’t like you, so here’s a big promotion and a golden opportunity.”  Nobody who doesn’t like me has ever been that nice to me.  Come to think of it, very few people who do like me have done anything close to as nice either.

Author: Tom

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