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Happy Passover and Happy Easter to my friends who celebrate either holiday.  I’m not Jewish, but I like macaroons and they are more readily available where I live as Passover approaches.  I bought some.  They came in a plastic container with two partitions.  Each partition had little coves in it to keep the macaroons from touching.  Is that permitted?  I thought macaroons were required to stick to each other.

One must wonder why the government spent so much time and money on the Mueller Report when there are people on both sides of the aisle who won’t accept it in its entirety and wouldn’t even if Mr. Mueller had just risen from the dead.

I think Rep, Hoyer has it right that as things stand now, Congress should not move to impeach the president.  Unless things a lot more damning turn up, it may (not will) pass the House, but certainly not the Senate.

I do think obstruction of justice is serious.  I don’t know if what Trump did can be proved to be obstruction.  If it can, then impeachment proceedings should go forward.  From what I’ve read, investigators didn’t have enough to proceed or to exonerate the President of obstruction.  I believe President Clinton deserved to be removed from office for obstruction, but I also believe that Clinton mess contributed to the extreme polarization that exists today in Washington politics.

When President Trump dismisses a high official in his administration, I presume he tells them, “You’re fired,” the way he did on the Apprentice.

In late March and early April, three people plunged to their deaths in the Grand Canyon within a period of nine days.  I’ve been there.  Even if you haven’t, you’re no doubt aware it’s an enormous, extremely deep hole.  If you fall into it, you’ll be lucky if you’re just hurt.  In the words of Sergeant Esterhaus, from “Hill Street Blues,” “Be careful out there.”

I’m doing physical therapy for some hip problems.  I was really pleased that I don’t need surgery or an artificial hip.  The physical therapy is helping, but I really overdid it yesterday, and I’m paying the price today.

Author: Tom

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