Christmas Long Ago

I was reminded this week of two Christmases long ago.  First, I thought of the girl I dated at 16.  I think of her every year as Christmas draws near because her birthday is one-week-to-the-day before Christmas.  If you’re sixteen, and not prone to thinking ahead (but I repeat myself), coming up with two presents for your girlfriend only one week apart is pretty tough, and something you’re not likely to forget.

Then, there’s the girl I dated when I was 15.  When I first became interested in girls, I dated two who lived near my aunt and uncle, more than 30 miles from my home.  For Christmas when I was 15, I was already at a loss for gift ideas.  It was so long ago that roses had just been invented and did not yet cost an arm and two legs, so I sent my lady friend a dozen red roses.  I guess she wasn’t expecting a gift from me.  When I went to see her, she picked up a very small package, did something that may have been removing a gift tag for someone else, and presented it to me.  It was a red ball-point Papermate pen.  I do not still have it, nor was it the first time I gave better than I got.  However, it’s not the gift, but the thought that counts, right?

I took my wife on two extended trips this year because I’m not very good at thinking up appropriate gifts.  That’s not a recent development.  I’ve never been good at thinking up appropriate gifts.  

Author: Tom

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