Could You Tone It Down, Please?

I have a dear friend, a man I’ve known most of my life.  I was best man at his wedding.  He would have been best man at mine too, but he was in the military and Uncle Sam didn’t choose to make him available.

He’s not the only friend I have who posts lots and lots of anti-Donald Trump messages and memes on Facebook, but he does it more than anyone else I know, and he does it to the exclusion of almost anything else about his life.

Keeping in mind that I didn’t vote for President Trump either, I can’t help wondering what my friend thinks he’s accomplishing.  He started making these posts before Trump won the election.  He has between two and three-hundred friends on Facebook. 

I’m willing to wager real money that every single one of his Facebook friends is well aware of his opinion about Donald Trump.  God knows I am!  Whether we agree with him or not, I’m pretty sure he hasn’t changed any of those people’s minds.  But I’m pretty sure he has annoyed a lot of his friends, me included, by doing this.

I knew him when we were both sixteen.  At that time, I used to argue a lot with the girl I was dating.  We argued mostly about religion.   She didn’t convince me of anything, but I did convince her to find another boyfriend, so I won, right?  My friend knew very well how traumatic that breakup was for me.  As a result of that teen-aged heartbreak, I refuse to argue with anyone about any faith-based belief.  Religion and politics are at the top of the list of things I won’t argue about. 

I certainly won’t argue with him about this.  He’s entitled to his opinion.  The problem is I know his opinion, yet he has repeated it to me multiple times a day, every day for more than two years.  I would, as I’ve said, like to know what he thinks he’s accomplishing.  I also wish he’d post a few things about the rest of his life.  We live very far apart, so we don’t get to see each other, or to talk nearly as often as we’d prefer.

Author: Tom

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